Changing seasons is not something that most of us would like to experience because of the risks it involves. Especially when it is the fall season, dust and dirt can be so hazardous that it causes severe allergy to one or some family members. If you are in a family that has a member that suffers from seasonal allergies, you know you should be doing more than waiting for the season to arrive and letting your family member drink anti-allergy medicines.   

Deep cleaning your home helps so much in preventing allergic reactions from the one suffering allergy, and deep cleaning includes hiring carpet cleaning services to clean thoroughly your carpets at home and effectively remove dust and dirt.  


Ensuring that your home is free from dust and dirt and other allergens will minimize allergic symptoms. And of course, this is better than taking medications over and over again. Here, we share with you some steps on how to clean for fall allergies  

Reduce your exposure to allergens   

Of course, reducing your exposure to allergens entails that you need to make sure that they are removed anywhere from your house. Cleaning your carpet on your own might remove the dust but it will never remove the deep-seated allergens from the microfibers. Hot water and effective cleaning are an agent are needed to remove these dust and stains. Only then you would feel assured that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.   

Check your air filters   

Your carpet is not the only thing that filters the dust for you. Your air filters have the important job to make sure that your house has safe air, removing impurities. High-quality air filters will effectively save you from these allergens and if there is little that is left in the air, they will definitely be accumulated on your carpet, so it is still important to clean and vacuum from time to time.   

When you think that your air filter starts to weaken, it is probably the best time for you to consider an upgrade.   

Make sure that you have a HEPA filter  

Not all vacuums are created the same; because some just function better than other brands and kinds. Invest in a three-stage HEPA filter vacuum to make sure that cleaning is always thorough. These vacuums are proven to effectively remove allergens from any furnish.   

Call professionals  

As we mentioned, cleaning your own with high-end equipment is good, and is definitely recommended. However, you also need to admit that when you have carpet that is several years old, there are probably deep-seated dust and allergens that would be difficult to remove using vacuum and soap that you can purchase. You will need some help from the professionals from time to time. Schedule a deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners at least once a year and do not miss even once.   

Always ready some medicines  

Practically, cleaning would not be entirely safe. You will need to carry with you some medicines just to make sure that your family member is prepared whenever the allergy attack gets in the way.